Wednesday, May 12, 2010

*show* them what you've got

one of my favorite parts of the spring season is the abundance of arts and craft shows that pop up around where i live...

i recently participated in a benefit handmade-only crafts show in Blair, NE - the raffle ticket sales and booth fees went to the animal shelter, a great cause.

here are some pictures of me, my set-up, and my booth. it was the first of the year, with a new set-up, so it was a little rough, but i know what i need to improve, and i know what worked and didn't.

a close-up of my booth's focal point

smiling with a bow in my hair - although this outfit was nothing fancy, it's important to never look frumpy or disgruntled at a show - who wants to buy from someone like that?

this is how i display my stud earrings. it's a work-in-progress, but for now, i've painted an inexpensive canvas teal with the word "studlies," and i punch the studs through the canvas. it's not very portable, but it's fairly cute. i need to make a new canvas, and use a ruler to punch evenly-spaced holes. on my epically long to-do list ;)

this picture was taken at a show last september. the show was an epic fail - my sister and i shared the booth, and paid $400 to make $37. BUT the experience was invaluable, and it was great to see what displays worked and didn't. for example, the giant earring tower to my right? bad idea - people were intimidated by the size, it blocked out other items from view, and no one wanted to rotate it for fear of knocking it over. that display now sits in my cabinet, organizing my for-sale earrings on etsy. :)

have you done any shows yet this year? link us to your booth pictures, favorite set-ups on flickr, and share any tips or stories about your experiences. :)

p.s. want to do a little extra homework? check out this great flickr group, saturated with jewelry booth pictures - i stole a whole bunch of ideas! :)

XO, Anna