Sunday, April 4, 2010

workroom: a home for all my things

for the first of many posts, i’d like to swoon over my new apartment. jake and i spent all last week moving, across town with all our junk, into a two-bedroom apartment, and that second bedroom is being made into a workroom for all my crafts and artsy-fartsy-ness. i’m so incredibly pumped!

i built a furniture-in-a-box pantry cabinet that i stuffed full with my jewelry, cards, bubble mailers, wrapping and shipping equipment, and show displays. don’t ask me how i crammed it all in there! and i got a matching white embellishment center – basically a big self-standing shelving unit, with ribbon dowels and cubbyholes so everything i ever need is right at my fingertips.

it was torture when i bought the cabinet and the shelving center, a couple weeks before we moved, because i couldn’t open them or fill them or anything, since there was nowhere for them to go in the old place. torture, i tell you!

below are some in-progress shots of what the room looks like, as i’m putting it together. there are many changes yet to come, including lots of wall art and the obvious organizational tasks that come with moving all your crap across a big city, haha!

so, what kind of set-up do YOU have? share all the little ways you keep your crafts in an organized manner, or for that matter, chaotic mess! J link us to some shots of your space on flikr, etc. and show us how you do what you do!

(more pictures soon, i promise!)

XO, Anna


  1. I'm so proud of you for doing a blog. What a great thing to do to encourage people like you to make stuff out of beads. ;)
    So why don't you tell everyone about MY space: you know, that 1x1 foot corner crawl-space you let me live in? ;)
    Love You, Baby!

  2. wow! So pretty!

    All my stuff is hidden in cloth drawers that are on shelves, and in secret ottoman storage units. I have to luuuug it all out to use it, then put it allll away.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying your new space!

  3. I am SOOOOO jealous that you have your own room!
    It would be hard enough for us to find a place where the kids get their own room, lol!

    We have a hutch that we inherited and I keep everything in there. I use those plastic wipers boxes to sort things into.

    We are also moving, hopefully by May 1st!

  4. Can you post a closer picture of that wire(?) piece in the first picture on the top of the cabinet?

  5. Renee, you need to designate a corner or something! And when people come over, put a sheet over it lol. Professional ;)

    Hyla, that's fantastic about the hutch! I read some of your blog by the way - well done! I have a MILLION of those plastic poptop boxes! I have so many of them, my boyfriend and sister are always giving me crap for it, haha!

    Thanks Jake, for your loving comment. Please remember to clean your square this week, or no dessert. ;)

    I'll take a picture of that wire birdcage when I get a chance, Hyla - it was only $4 at Hobby Lobby! :)

  6. OH NO! I was logged into my sister's account when I wrote that, hahaha! So I, Anna, wrote that blurb above, and that's my sister's account. Ha! A knucklehead for sure. :)

  7. super jealous! my set up is pretty much all over the house...someday it'll look as neat and organized as yours! and squeeee! thats the tree pouch i made for you at work! bwahahaa :):)